Thursday, August 6, 2009

This week...

So not much has been going on with me this week. Work has been busy so that’s nice – love it when the weekends seem to get here more quickly! I did my duty as a Junior League volunteer on Monday night and helped make 1200 (yes that’s right twelve hundred) lunches to be delivered to the homes of underprivileged children on Tuesday and I have managed to do some form of exercise on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights. All in all a pretty good week!

Tuesday was another appt to Shred it with Jillian. I still do levels 1 and 2 back to back. I just can’t seem to get into level 3 for some reason…but 1 and 2 seem to do the trick and deliver a pretty good, sweaty workout. Wednesday I went to my parents house and used their pool to swim laps. I was really good about doing this in high school and the first fall/winter that we had the pool my dad even heated it for me so I could keep swimming as the weather got cooler. It was great! Sadly, that was the one and only fall/winter we kept the pool heated – in fact, I think we shut that heater off as soon as we got that first bill…it was nice while it lasted though! With this weather being so HOT I thought I’d try and take up swimming again and I’m really enjoying it. I’m not sure if I’ll be shredding it or swimming this afternoon but I am determined to do something and try and keep this habit of working out 3-4 times per week up for the next few months. I’ve got a bridesmaid dress to fit into for my friend Lauren’s wedding in October! (Side note so Lauren does not freak out: I’m sure the dress will ‘fit’ – I just want to make sure I look as good as possible in all of your pictures – yea!)

I’ve also fallen into the trap of a few more tv shows this week. One has been on for a few weeks and I’d been recording it but hadn’t watched any episodes until this past Sunday when I decided I needed to try it out and either keep it going or delete all of them. The show is on Lifetime on Sunday nights and its called Drop Dead Diva. Its actually pretty cute! The basic premise is that this shallow model girl dies and ends up switching bodies with an overweight super smart lawyer who was also shot at the same time – so realistic, right? So she can tell she’s in this new body and has all of her same memories of her former life but also has all the skills of this lawyer now. Its kind of cheesy but they try a case on each episode so that is interesting. It kind of reminds me of Boston Legal in a way. It’s a keeper for now.

The other show I am now adding to my regular reality tv rotation is Giuliana and Bill on the Style network. I watched the premiere last night and just LOVED it! They are so cute together! And I love how they compete with each other on things, all in a cute way. Very good show. I’m excited to see what all is in store for this season! (I’m also fairly certain I’m going to have a major crush on Bill Rancic by the end of the season….or the 2nd episode…)

Check back tomorrow if you’re in need of a really good sangria recipe – mine’s been tested and approved!

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