Thursday, January 29, 2009

I wish.....

I wish I was back here today!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie Review: Enchanted

Happy Friday! I don't know about you but I am VERY ready for the weekend. Last night I finally gave in and watched "Enchanted". I remember seeing previews for it and being somewhat interested but wasn't just dying to see it. Then came all the award nominations which peaked my interest a bit more so I added it to my Netflix queue. Finally this week it made its way to the top and arrived in my mailbox.

The premise of the movie is that Giselle (Amy Adams) lives in an animated fairytale world where she sings all the time, believes in true love, all the animals love her - and even do her hair and get her dressed in the morning. (Imagine birds tying bows in her hair and the whole bit - thats her) Her "one true love" in fairytale land turns out to be a prince (James Marsden). Upon meeting her, he rescues her from a troll and they immediately decide to get married. The prince has a wicked stepmother (Susan Sarandon) who has never wanted the prince to get married because it would jeopardize her status as queen. So on their wedding day, the wicked stepmother convinces Giselle to make a wedding wish and pushes her into a well that leads her to New York City.
Once in New York, Giselle is completely lost but luckily runs into Patrick Dempsey. He is annoyed with her at first because she still behaves as if everything were a fairytale but eventually he realizes that she truly is not from around here and needs his help. He lets her stay with him and his daughter at his apartment as she waits for her prince to come and save her from New York and take her back to their fairytale world. Once the prince realizes what has happened, he pops up in New York also, along with his servant and a chipmunk who steals the show in several scenes. The servant is in love with the queen so he follows the prince to try and deter him from finding Giselle.

Overall the movie is really cute and I would highly recommend it. Its very entertaining, heartwarming and funny. I found myself laughing out loud several times. Amy Adams did a fantastic job also. I had no idea what an amazing voice she had! I will say that the beginning is a little slow but once they're in NYC it gets really good. So if you haven't seen Enchanted you're missing out - I give it 5 stars!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So I have to admit, I am a fan of reality tv. And one of my many guilty pleasure reality tv shows is The Real Housewives of the OC. Please tell me you watch it also! Somehow I'm only getting into it in these past two seasons but now I am totally hooked! Seeing the reruns from previous seasons kind of makes me glad I didn't watch it before though - how annoying are Jo and Slade???

So, did anyone watch it last night? W-O-W! Tamra's fancy dinner party was so scandalous they needed to bring last week's antics into this week's episode as well! I do feel bad for Gretchen and think that she probably just really needed to cut loose a bit but I wish she could have been a little more graceful about it. I am so glad she did not end up hooking up with Tamra's son Ryan though and that they also did not keep filming her through the night (probably getting sick) and rolling around on her couch the next day fighting what must have been a monster hangover. And I must give her credit for returning to 'the scene of the crime' so quickly for Tamra's neighborhood pool party - she wasn't ashamed at all! I wonder what the reunion will be like though when Gretchen sees all the sneaky things Tamra tries to do to her to get her in trouble or just find out some dirt on her. Tamra needs to GROW UP - come on! I'm sure she's just jealous... And how inappropriate was Tamra's outfit at the kids pool party - those boobs are huge! She so did not get a reduction between seasons like she originally said, there is just no way!

This week the girls also traveled in a pack by limo once again to some fabulous salon/spa/shopping mecca and had yet another wonderful meal that I'm sure they didn't pay a cent for. Fred Segal was the location of choice this time and don't tell me that 'free perfume' they got wasn't just a big commercial for whatever that company was. There's tons to do in Fred Segal - did anyone else think it was weird that they just seemed to get the perfume and go?

The lunch conversation was a little more serious than normal when the girls began discussing what Gretchen would do for money if/when Jeff, her fiance, passed away. Vicki went into full on business mode and tried to give her advice but this just started a fight between Lynne and the rest of the girls and yet another situation where the old girls treat the new girls like a lowly pledge or something. Its so weird how they continue to act like that at their ages. They are all on this show together, yes, but its not like they've really done anything to be on the show or really proven themselves in some way that makes them more worthy to be there than anyone else. Oh well. Did anyone catch that Gretchen went to Baylor though??? Interesting!

The introduction of Lynne's business was also new for this week and lucky for her, she was able to make some headway in the process of getting her bracelets into Fred Segal. The bracelets are cute but definitely not worthy of the $225-$375 price tag she claims to be selling them for. I tried to find some info online but after a few attempts at searching the name of her company, "Cuff Love", on my work computer and coming up with all kinds of "love handcuff" references, I decided to give that up.

And now we must stay tuned for next week when Vicki and Jeana go visit Jeana's son and attend one of his baseball games. I must say that I think Jeana and Vicki are my two faves on the show. I hope that Jeana has some fun things happen for her soon!

I'm looking forward to Restaurant Wars on tonight's episode of Top Chef!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I Love: Nivea SOS Lip Care

This will hopefully be the first of many beauty product reviews on this site. Today its all about the lips. Living here in Texas where the high can be in the 80s one day and the 50s the next and where we switch back and forth between the a/c and the heater (sometimes more than once a day) - it can take a toll on a girl's smile! I've tried other lip balms over the years, some I felt I became addicted to because of some weird ingredient in them, you know the ones you just have this compulsion to reapply as soon as the teeniest bit wears off? That is not the case with this one! Nivea SOS Lip Care is fabulous! After just one night of wearing this stuff, I woke up with a totally new set of lips! Now I am addicted to piling it on before I go to bed and when I wake up my lips don't feel the least bit chapped and the feeling lasts throughout the whole day. There have been a few times that I've had to break it out during the day but its not really a nice clear shiny color like some other lip balms are so its not the best for daytime or out of the house wear. Don't get me wrong, its not awful by any means but its not the kind of thing you'd just use as a gloss on its own. But I do highly recommend it - if your lips are chapped now try it tonight and I promise they will be transformed by tomorrow!

Product Details:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Movie Review: The House Bunny and The Women

So, I am a Netflix addict. Actually it may be more of a 'mail addict' thing. I love getting things in the mail, especially magazines and since becoming a Netflix member I have found little that compares to seeing that red envelope in my mailbox. I am on the '2 at a time' plan just to raise the chances of having something in my mailbox each day. I watch the movies and then send them back asap to ensure another one is waiting for me sooner rather than later! I'm also an avid magazine subscriber and LOVE it when I have 3 or more magazines arrive on the same day. One of my favorite things to do is curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a pile of magazines - call me boring but I am very well read and up on most of the trends!

And now back to the movies. I am currently in the process of moving - details to come in another post - and therefore I'm crashing with my parents for awhile and my mom and I have had 2 girly movie nights this week.

Monday Night Movie Review: "The House Bunny"
The premise was funny, having occasionally caught myself watching "The Girls Next Door" on E! I found it a bit humorous that she was being kicked out of the mansion for being too old at 28. And having lived in a sorority house for one year in college, I also found it funny that she figured the next best thing to The Playboy Mansion was a sorority house. Seemed like a sure thing and entertainment-wise it did not disappoint. (I'm pretty easy on the mindless chick flicks....) Anna Farris is "The House Bunny" and although her fake voice does get a bit old the story is funny and there are some moments where I'm sure anyone would find it hard not to laugh out loud. Anna gets kicked out of the mansion and must find a new job. She hears a group of girls talking about a party and follows them home which happens to be their sorority house. It is here that she learns about being a house mother and about one chapter in need of a new one. She trots down the street and after some convincing is hired due to her ability to attract boys. The House Bunny successfully turns the "dorky" girls into supermodels and has them wearing lingerie to parties in no time. Totally normal, right? Their upgrade in looks also means an upgrade in popularity and they begin fighting with the other sororities for pledges. Also in this movie are a few Hollywood kids - Rumer Willis plays one of the dorky sorority girls and Colin Hanks plays a love interest for Anna Farris. All in all, I'd give it 3 stars....

Tuesday Night Movie Review: "The Women"
Now I did not have high hopes for this one. I had read a review somewhere that said to not even waste your time getting it On Demand, which to me is pretty bad since all it requires is pushing a button, no travel to the actual video store or anything. So I went into it with low expectations and ended up really liking it! It has a stellar cast including Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Cloris Leachman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Debra Messing, Eva Mendes, Candice Bergen and Bette Midler. The premise is that Meg, Annete, Jada and Debra are all best friends and then they learn that Eva is having an affair with Meg's husband and devise a plan of revenge. My mom and I both enjoyed this one a lot, its full of great things about strong friendships among women and the things we do for each other without even asking. I would recommend this for most anyone. And afterwards we realized that there was not a single man in the entire movie! Not even a male voice was heard - it was all about the women! I would give this one 4 out of 5 stars...

I just checked my queue and I have "Enchanted" heading my way tomorrow!


Well I have long been resisting jumping on the blogging bandwagon but as I sit here for yet another day at work with not much to do, I've caved. I'm not sure if I'll really be a regular poster or how often it may happen but I'm hoping to fill these pages with recipes, reviews of books, movies, makeup/beauty products and tv shows, as well as decorating ideas and whatever else strikes me. Champange and Sprinkles are two of my favorite things - I may post on them from time to time also......welcome and thanks for reading!