Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I Love: Nivea SOS Lip Care

This will hopefully be the first of many beauty product reviews on this site. Today its all about the lips. Living here in Texas where the high can be in the 80s one day and the 50s the next and where we switch back and forth between the a/c and the heater (sometimes more than once a day) - it can take a toll on a girl's smile! I've tried other lip balms over the years, some I felt I became addicted to because of some weird ingredient in them, you know the ones you just have this compulsion to reapply as soon as the teeniest bit wears off? That is not the case with this one! Nivea SOS Lip Care is fabulous! After just one night of wearing this stuff, I woke up with a totally new set of lips! Now I am addicted to piling it on before I go to bed and when I wake up my lips don't feel the least bit chapped and the feeling lasts throughout the whole day. There have been a few times that I've had to break it out during the day but its not really a nice clear shiny color like some other lip balms are so its not the best for daytime or out of the house wear. Don't get me wrong, its not awful by any means but its not the kind of thing you'd just use as a gloss on its own. But I do highly recommend it - if your lips are chapped now try it tonight and I promise they will be transformed by tomorrow!

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