Friday, January 23, 2009

Movie Review: Enchanted

Happy Friday! I don't know about you but I am VERY ready for the weekend. Last night I finally gave in and watched "Enchanted". I remember seeing previews for it and being somewhat interested but wasn't just dying to see it. Then came all the award nominations which peaked my interest a bit more so I added it to my Netflix queue. Finally this week it made its way to the top and arrived in my mailbox.

The premise of the movie is that Giselle (Amy Adams) lives in an animated fairytale world where she sings all the time, believes in true love, all the animals love her - and even do her hair and get her dressed in the morning. (Imagine birds tying bows in her hair and the whole bit - thats her) Her "one true love" in fairytale land turns out to be a prince (James Marsden). Upon meeting her, he rescues her from a troll and they immediately decide to get married. The prince has a wicked stepmother (Susan Sarandon) who has never wanted the prince to get married because it would jeopardize her status as queen. So on their wedding day, the wicked stepmother convinces Giselle to make a wedding wish and pushes her into a well that leads her to New York City.
Once in New York, Giselle is completely lost but luckily runs into Patrick Dempsey. He is annoyed with her at first because she still behaves as if everything were a fairytale but eventually he realizes that she truly is not from around here and needs his help. He lets her stay with him and his daughter at his apartment as she waits for her prince to come and save her from New York and take her back to their fairytale world. Once the prince realizes what has happened, he pops up in New York also, along with his servant and a chipmunk who steals the show in several scenes. The servant is in love with the queen so he follows the prince to try and deter him from finding Giselle.

Overall the movie is really cute and I would highly recommend it. Its very entertaining, heartwarming and funny. I found myself laughing out loud several times. Amy Adams did a fantastic job also. I had no idea what an amazing voice she had! I will say that the beginning is a little slow but once they're in NYC it gets really good. So if you haven't seen Enchanted you're missing out - I give it 5 stars!

Have a great weekend!

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