Wednesday, April 29, 2009


(Otherwise known as...Dancing with the Stars)

SPOILER AHEAD! Do not read if you don’t know who got kicked off this week!!!

I know I have not posted in awhile and who would have thought that Dancing with The Stars would get me going again? Certainly not me! I’ve always heard great things about this show but this is the first season I have really gotten into it and watched it regularly. I look forward to it each week, love seeing the dances and the costumes, and love that its such a lighthearted/no drama source of entertainment next to the other drama-filled shows taking up space on my DVR. (Side note: I am convinced that Kelly Bensimon on the Real Housewives of NY is on drugs or has a chemical imbalance – she is CRAZY!)

I felt like last week’s episode of DWTS was the best one so far this season. They had weeded out all the people who didn’t really care to be there, everyone was more comfortable, confident, and had this whole ‘new dance routine each week thing’ down.

To me, Shawn Johnson totally STOLE the show with her performance – look how sassy she is! (I think I watched this three times before deleting the recording!)

And every week I am amazed by Chuck and Julianne. I even told someone yesterday that I think I’d like to be her in my next life. She is fun, talented (she can sing AND dance!), seems like a smart girl, great body, and have you seen her boyfriend??? H-O-T! I love watching her dance with Chuck each week because they get along so well and he always looks like he is having a good time but still takes the dancing/competition part really seriously and tries his hardest for a good score. They are so cute together; I totally think they should get married and have lots of cute little singing and dancing babies.

Melissa, aka ‘the jilted bachelorette’ has also been a crowd favorite. I didn’t watch her on The Bachelor but I have become a fan of her on this show. Unfortunately this week she was injured and could not dance for the judges in the live show so her scores were based on a rehearsal. The scores were not nearly as good as they would have been for the real show because they were taking it easy in the rehearsal and didn’t have the energy from the audience. Sadly, they ended up on the bottom for this week and I was pretty sure either she or Ty Murray would be sent home. At this point its sad to see anyone go but at the same time I feel like Ty is not going to win so he’ll have to go at some point.

Then last night they throw us a total curveball and Ty is the first person who is “safe” – what??? I started getting really worried that Melissa would be the one to go because of her scores or that maybe it would be Lil’ Kim’s week to go even though she is really good –never did I think it would be my precious Chuck and Julianne! And then, sadly, their names were called and they got the boot! So now I won’t get to stare at him through the tv each week, I guess I may have to check him out at his day job from now on!

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Tiffany said...

I KNOW!!!! WTH???? I absolutely love DWTS and have been a faitful watcher since season 2. I absolutely love it and think it is so fun! I am really ready for Lil' Kim to go home. I don't like her facial expressions. And Ty, he is so precious and has tried hard, but he's not going to cut the mustard. I am just glad Melissa got to stay! The competition is tight this year between Melissa, Shawn and Gilles. We'll see who comes out on top!!