Thursday, April 16, 2009

What does water do for fun?

I, like most people I know, am on a constant quest to drink more water. I used to be great at this. Never drank anything carbonated. I actually started this little quest during my senior year of high school, just to see if I could. I stayed strong for an entire year! The next year I upped the ante to include 'no french fries' that did last awhile but I am now back on the french fry bandwagon from time to time. On the carbonated beverages I usually do pretty well. I was lucky enough to somehow avoid the "I'm addicted to diet coke" phase that some of my college friends fell into and are still trying to work their way out of, and probably really only maybe have one carbonated beverage per day. So thats all fine and good but what I really need to do is DRINK MORE WATER. You feel better, you look better, your skin looks better, it aids in weight loss...need I go on?

I am also a big lover of pink lemonade. I have no idea what the flavoring is in pink lemonade that gives it that something special that regular lemonade does not have - well besides being fun and pink and girly - but it is just so much better to me than regular lemonade. So I was so excited when Crystal Light FINALLY came out with PINK lemonade on-the-go packets! They've had the regular lemonade, plus tons of other flavors for years now! Why not give us the pink lemonade a little sooner? I was so excited to spot this on the shelves of my local grocery store a few weeks ago. (I'm actually enjoying one as I type this!)

Lucky for me they were running a 2 for $5 deal that day so I also picked up this new flavor:
I'm not really sure how this will help my skin but I really enjoy the pomegranate lemonade flavor! Its a very light flavor, nothing too overwhelming. I am also a fan of the cherry pomegranate flavor which is supposed to do something to aid in immunity but I'm not sure quite sure if that works either. Also, if you try the cherry pomegranate one, it is VERY red when you mix it up. Be careful if you are wearing light colors!
Then I spotted the Ocean Spray on-the-go packs - they have fantastic flavors! Becuause I had not tried them before, I only got one pack, Cran-Lemonade, but they several that I would try. This one has a great flavor. I'm not sure if I like it or the pomegranate lemonade better.
There you have it! Some great things to add some zing to that boring old bottle of water! (Also, I recommend using these in a 20-24 oz bottle of water instead of the 16.9 oz size they suggest, They give plenty of flavor in the larger bottle size and then you're drinking more water anyways!)

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Everyday Flotsam and Jetsam said...

Hello! Just stumbled across your blog. I also desperately need to drink more water. I swear, every single time i mix-up one of the Crystal Light To Go packs, I end up with a leaky water bottle and pink/red dribbles down my clothing. It never fails.