Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Shipping at Anthropologie! Could it be?

I was very surprised to find the following email in my inbox yesterday:

Since when have they EVER done anything like this??? “Simply link your anthro number to a new or existing online account to enjoy the summer off”! Crazy! Their shipping is always outrageous! (as is J Crew’s but that’s neither here nor there) I am so glad they are jumping on this free shipping bandwagon, even if only for a short while. They are actually offering a pretty good deal here since the promotion runs through September 7th!

Luckily I’ve already got one of those anthro cards but I never really thought it had much of a purpose – until now!

Now if only I had money to pay for the things in my imaginary shopping cart! If I were placing an order today, I would get:Yes, I know that would be one full cart but remember this is just an imaginary exercise!

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