Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I’m loving...

Kelly Clarkson’s new cd!!! I’ll admit I have seen her in concert and I did download the new album on iTunes the night before it was released so chances were pretty high that I was going to like this album. But I truly like it more than I was expecting! I have read some reviews that say this is much like her debut album “Breakaway” and they are right. I even liked “My December” despite the harsh reviews, but this new album “All I Ever Wanted” has more radio friendly tunes. After listening to the whole album I think “My Life Would Suck Without You” may even be one of the weaker songs. I find myself skipping over it now and playing the following A LOT:

I Do Not Hook Up
All I Ever Wanted
If I Can’t Have You
Whyyawannabringmedown ***especially this one – very fun!***

I need to check and see if her concert schedule is out so that maybe I can catch her again. Luckily I have a friend who also likes teeny bopper music as much as I do so hopefully she will want to go again this time around. We had a great time at the last one! We’ve also attended a Ryan Cabrera concert, NKOTB, and will be going to Britney in a few weeks so we are pretty familiar with this teeny bopper circuit– fun times! NKOTB was fantastic! I hope Britney lives up to the hype – those tickets were $$$!

NKOTB was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. And I go to a lot of concerts. I went with 2 of my best friends and we had the best time singing along with all the songs and remembering the days when we used to watch the concert videos at home and sing and dance along. (come on, you know you used to do that too...) I hope some of you were lucky enough to go. It was so much fun being there with people who were really just there to have a good time. No one was worried about being ‘too cool’ – we were at New Kids after all – it was as though we were all already friends and had this common interest. Everyone was so friendly to each other all night, all you saw were smiling people everywhere, it was almost like being a kid again I guess! Of course it was about 95% women; I think the only guys we saw were accompanying pregnant wives. The guys put on a great show and I would totally go again if I had the chance.

I love that not many people are in my office today so I can listen to Kelly while I work - and enjoy it a little louder than normal. Now we just need to work on getting that clock closer to 5 pm!

For some reason I keep thinking tomorrow should be Friday….if only it were true!

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