Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"A True Ab-Original"

I'm not really sure where they come up with the names of these colors but I've got "A True Ab-Original" on my fingers AND toes as we speak! Its a bright coral color with a bit of a metallic sheen. Its great for the summer months and looks even better once you get a tan.

I had a major do-it-yourself mani/pedi session on Sunday night and was only planning on painting my toes but then went out on a limb and painted my fingernails as well. I am so glad I did too. I don't usually take the time because I feel like they are messed up before they even have time to dry but I've really enjoyed looking down at my bright nails this week! (even as I type this!)

So far I only have a teeny tiny smudge on the tip of one nail. I cut them pretty short before painting them, which I think helps a lot with a color this bright - we don't want them looking scary! I went ahead and took the extra steps of a base coat and chip resistant top coat so that probably has something to do with the way they are holding up too. Usually I reserve the brights for toes only but I may have to keep it up with the fun colors on my nails too! Let me know if you have any favorite color suggestions!

And - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Tiny's Treats said...

Aboriginal was my summer favorite on my toes last year! Love it!