Monday, March 16, 2009

The long dresses are back!

Happy Monday! I am The weather was pretty yucky here this weekend – cold, rainy, dark – not your typical March day in Texas, but the bad weather did give me some time to rearrange my closet for the upcoming months. I don’t know about you but whenever the seasons change, so does the organization of my closet. I don’t want to look in there and see a bunch of turtlenecks and coats when its pretty and warm outside! I want to see bright tops, white jeans, sandals and cute dresses! So this was the weekend. Luckily I found a lot of great things I had forgotten about so hopefully I won’t be tempted to shop quite as much!

One thing I am really excited about though is the return of the long dress, otherwise known as the ‘maxi dress.’ I am a huge fan of this style and have been sporting it for a few seasons now. This seems to be THE season for it though as I feel like they are truly everywhere this year. These dresses are super comfortable, flattering and can be effortlessly elegant.

Here are a few of my favorites from Old Navy:

I actually ordered both of these dresses about 2 weeks ago and was so excited when they arrived but they seem to be a bit long. Looking at this picture now, the pink one even seems long on the model. I need to try them on again with shoes and see what I think. I know they'd be okay if I wore heels with them but I'd like to have the option of wearing flats with them too. Other than the length though, they are super soft and have lots of nice detail.

And here are a few more from Target:

I love the little extra ruffle at the bottom of this one and I think the color is great.

I am a sucker for a black dress - always. I have a similar dress from Target from last year that I wear all the time. I think this brown one is a great style. I love the skirt on it. I guess everyone else thinks so too though because right now its sold out on!

And here's a few more from Nordstrom:

Have a great day!


emily said...

I think all the dresses are so pretty!

You might want to try some espadrille wedges with your dresses. I think it would be a cute look and wedges are usally pretty comfy.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the idea! I actually got a cute pair of wedges this weekend using the BR Friends and Family discount thing - yea! - but I can't find a pic online!

Charlee said...

Thanks for posting these...I am really into maxi dresses--never would have thought to look for them at Old Navy or Target! Thanks for the heads up!!!

Christina said...

I love maxi dresses!! Check this one of from Victoria's Secret -

Shirley said...
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Virginia Janet said...

You have awesome taste.!! All those dresses are so beautiful. Well, I too like to wear long dresses.