Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to Miami…Buenvenidos a Miami

Yep…I’m heading to Miami for 4th of July weekend! I've had Will Smith's "Miami" in my head all weekend and it hasn't been annoying at all. (side note: I just checked online and that song is from 1998 - yikes!) I cannot believe how quickly my girlfriends and I were able to get this together. Julie’s family recently acquired a condo there and July 3rd is her birthday. This past Friday, she sent an email about the idea of going to celebrate her bday and the holiday weekend and I think by 11 am there were six of us on board! I am so excited about another girls trip with great friends – most of us also traveled to Costa Rica together last summer – and so excited about going to Miami for the first time!

I know the months to come will be spent looking for fun beachy clothes, the perfect swimsuit (which also means a new diet/workout routine – Jillian and I need to become better friends asap!), cute cover up dresses and flip flops, and planning where to go eat, go out, and shop. I have a few friends who have been so hopefully they will have some great recommendations and Julie and another good friend, Molly, are going in a couple of weeks so they can get the lay of the land for our return in July!

I just love having something like this out there to look forward too. I think having this goal/threat of a beach vacation will also make the workouts easier – we’ll see! My goal this week is to get on track with that.

I am not excited about it being Monday but the extra hour of daylight will be nice!

Have a great day!


Tiffany said...

VERY fun!! How exciting!!

The Banana Republic outlet here in RR has 2 very cute cover-ups! I'm not sure if you have a BR outlet there, but it might be worth checking out if it's not too far away. Happy shopping!!

Tiny's Treats said...

It's going to be so fun! Hopefully there won't be any hurricanes to ruin our vacation.

lesli said...

OMG ~ what a fun trip! I love having trips planned, but all the clothes shopping for them consumes my mind!

Good luck with Jillian! I honestly worked harder to look good for my vegas vacation than I did for my wedding! So bad.