Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm a big girl now!

I finally have real bedroom furniture! I am so excited to have a real grown up room! Before I moved I had been using the same dresser and one nightstand that I'd had since I was very young, probably about 4 or 5 years old. Lucky for me, my parents picked a very classic design and I was able to paint it and change the pulls through the years to get me through. However when I moved into this house I no longer needed the dresser because the closet came with all these built in drawers. I could have just used the nightstand in my room but I thought it was better to keep those items as a 'set' and move them into a guest room where they could be used together.
So, until yesterday my bedroom consisted of a bed and an entertainment center for my tv. And thats about it. For some reason I had the hardest time finding bedroom furniture! I think part of it may have been that I had my heart set on this:
I came very close to getting 2 of these at Tuesday Morning to use as nightstands - they were advertised for only $150 each - GREAT deal! Then I wavered, thought they were too trendy and didn't go that Tuesday so I totally missed my chance. And when that did not happen, nothing else would do.

While visiting every furntiture store within a 30 mile radius I also felt like it was so hard to see things in stores and imagine them in my room. Those showrooms they set up just have every single matching piece there together and its kind of overwhelming! Plus I didn't need the dresser and matching mirror, etc. I just needed 2 nightstands and a bed! I finally got over all of that, decided that the mirrored look probably would have been way too much, went to one final store on Saturday and found something perfect! It was delievered yesterday and I just love it. I feel like my room is a hotel now!

I'm also really glad I did not go with the mirrored furniture since apparently everything else in my room is shiny!

I really like these lamps - thanks Homegoods!

The picture above captured a very funny moment. That's Ellie pretty much throwing a temper tantrum in all my pillows. She is used to sleeping all day and lucky for me, my mom had been kind enough to come over and wait for the furniture delivery yesterday so she got there around 1 pm, totally cutting into Ellie's nap time. Then my brother arrived around 2pm and stayed until 8 pm closing in the bottom of my deck with lattice (see below), installing a fan on my screen porch, and hanging the lovely curtains you see in this picture. (THANK YOU!) Ellie, of course followed him around all day and by the time he left, she had just had it! As soon as he was gone, she jumped on the bed and started her little tantrum and then just passed out once she was buried in the pillows. This picture caught her mid-tantrum. Too funny!

The prior owners of this house had been nice enough to build this deck but not nice enough to really finish it off in any way. I am so glad to have this closed in because not only does it look nicer, it keeps Ellie from crawling around under there and running into who knows what! Steps, railings, and finishing touches to come - stay tuned!


Tiny's Treats said...

Love the new bedroom...can't wait to see it next weekend!

lesli said...

GIRL ~ your bedroom looks great! those mirrored night stands sure are gorgeous, but i think you're right that they are trendy. we'll prob see them years from now and they'll have an instant time stamp on them. anyway... beautiful bedroom!

Ryan Kay said...

I LOVE THIS! Very relaxing!

Tiffany said...

It looks awesome!!! Love it!!