Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scented Handles?

A year or so ago I was buying razors and noticed that the ones I usually buy suddenly had the option of with or without “scented handles”. Maybe I just don’t get it but I’m not really sure why I would want to smell the handle of my razor or why I would prefer a scented handle over a non-scented handle. I go with the non-scented version. I have enough scents going on in my shower with shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shower gel, and the occasional sugar scrub, or facial treatment without throwing something else into the mix.
Yesterday I’m at the grocery store, buying a toothbrush this time, and see that there is something minty on the one I’m getting. They are also touting some ‘tongue refresher’ so I quickly assume that the plastic scraper thing on the back of the toothbrush must be mint flavored, drop it in my basket and head on my way.

Last night I open the new toothbrush package and am nearly floored by the minty scent. I look at the package more closely and it’s a mint scented handle! What does a scented handle have to do with dental hygiene? I read online that apparenlty its part of the new Colgate MaxFresh line and it is supposed to “enhance the brushing experience”. I don’t really get that. I’m hoping it will wear off over time.

This whole scented handle thing just baffles me. Who thought I’d have to look out for it in the toothbrush aisle? I guess I’m going to have to read the fine print a little better when purchasing any product with a handle. But for now I’ve got minty fresh breath and minty fresh hands…whatever plus that is supposed to be…

And on a sidenote, I am so glad Shawn Johnson won Dancing with The Stars! I had a feeling it might be Gilles after his stellar season but I think Shawn probably got more votes in the end. She has just been so good these past few weeks and her freestyle routine this week was so fun to watch. And I loved that she chose to repeat her dance to "Pretty Young Thing" as her final this week! That was by far my favorite dance of the season. She did such a good job and just looked like she was having so much fun out there.
I think Melissa pretty much sealed her fate with her freestyle routine. I think hers could be described as a 'halftime routine' at best. Not a good decision on her part but really who would have thought she'd make it this far anyways. After all she's been through, that girl's gonna be okay.... (and she looks AMAZING after all this dancing! Has anyone else noticed how she just keeps looking better and better from each week to the next?)

And YEA Shawn Johnson - she can do anything!

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